KAPSULES KORPORATION is a young company which according to an original idea of our creative associates steel 26mm capsules with the digital impression in order to bring to you a new design of earrings.

The digital impression enables us to recopy with identical the image desired in very top quality.

Before impression all our images are worked thanks to powerful software and given to the format capsules in order to optimize the quality of the process.

After impression, our capsules pass to the workshop of assembly, a work manual and meticulous allows us to assemble the capsules of different color (White, fuchsia, gold, silver, fuchsia matt dark bicolor, red, orange) and hooks without nickel from 20mm of various matters (metal color gilded money and, money 925, but, white gold 750/1000, plated gold).

You will find all our earrings customized capsules, and if you wish it, you have the possibility of personalizing the capsules with your own images or photographs.

The tool of design on our site will help you to visualize your project quickly. We also inform you that all the personalities, logos, signs, brands under licence are not allowed because nonfree of copyrights.


We propose the digital impression directly on the top of the capsule with a process (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) CMYK. It is a very flexible technique which enables us to employ any provided design. Our process of impression tries to match colors with the screen, but we cannot guarantee that the colors will match the end product. The impression on the white capsule with a jet of ink of CMYK will provide a better approximation of the colors. (If you need a very specific nuance, please contact us.) Some colors will seem purer than others due to the process and the digital resolutions available. Thanks to our innovating technology, the colors of your image made on order will keep the same thing on all our various colors of capsule. As long as there is enough contrast of color between your image and the color of the capsule, you can choose any color whom you love and will get the same results. Just do not put a black image on a black capsule!


All our capsules are delivered in a conditioning of optimal protection for good and long use of the product, we recommend to you to comply with the rules of use:

- Not to wash itself nor to bathe with,

- not to clean with a gritting,

- not to pose the capsules on the printed face,

- not to use of pointed equipment,

- Always to preserve the capsules in their packing of origin after use.


KASPULES KORPORATION is released from any responsibility to the failure for the established rules.